During the two months we’ve been on the road, Kim and I have seen some spectacular scenery. Some of these sites are well-known. Most folks know that you can find stunning vistas at Grand Canyon and Yosemite, etc. Yosemite Falls is beautiful, but everyone knows about it Other sites offer even better views and many […]


Warning: This page might take a long time to load. It contains many high-resolution images. Sorry about that. On the plus side, you can click on any image to view a larger version. Enjoy! In some ways, this may be the most difficult blog post I’ve ever had to write. You see, we’ve just spent […]


That’s right: It’s been another week during which we haven’t had time to post an update other than this photographic summary. Despite our best intentions, we just haven’t had time to write or edit photographs. That’s a good things, though. That means we’re getting out of the RV and living life. Last Friday, for instance, […]


Wow! We’ve had a crazy week. Initially, we had intended to park ourselves for ten days in Idyllwild, tucked in the mountains between Palm Springs and San Bernardino. We were going to visit with Kim’s family while also taking several days to rest and relax. Plus, we were both going to get caught up on […]


Has another week gone by already? Kim and I have both noticed that our sense of time on this trip has become very distorted. Days bleed into one another, and it seems sometimes like we’re barely moving. Yet at the same time, we’ve now traveled 1500 miles and the entire length of California! When we […]


Kim and I have spent the past week in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and its foothills. We’ve been visiting her friends and family, and now have moved up the mountainside to explore Yosemite National Park. Here, then, is the weekly photographic review of our trip. Last Friday (the tenth day of our trip) found […]


Last night we pulled into Ione, southeast of Sacramento and on the edge of California’s gold rush country. We’ll be in this general vicinity for the next week or two, visiting Kim’s family and friends. As we pause for a bit, now’s a good time to share the first installment of “Photo Friday”, which we […]