A Slight Change of Plans

by jdroth on 05 September 2015 · 15 comments

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Kim said the other day. “I’m tired. I love our life on the road, but I’m ready to take a break. I want to pick a place and stay put for a while.” I could tell she was reluctant to say this. Our year-long RV trip is a […]


As Kim and I prepare for our year-long road trip, the question we get most often is, “Where are you going?” My tongue-in-cheek reply? “Everywhere!” Kidding aside, we really do want to see as much of the United States as possible. This is a huge country (something that residents of other nations don’t always realize), […]


Things just got real! Now that Kim and I have decided that we really can (and will) do this year-long cross-country adventure, we’ve started making big moves. Last week, Kim told her boss she’ll be leaving at the end of March. We found a couple to stay in our condo while we’re gone, and we’ve […]


Meet Bigfoot

by jdroth on 05 February 2015 · 0 comments

After driving home our new motorhome, Kim and I were sad (but unsurprised) to see that the leak in the roof was worse than we’d feared. After a quick weekend getting to know our Bigfoot 30MH29SL, we took the rig to Robert at Rose City RV. Although he initially said he’d need a couple of […]


After months of searching, Kim and I finally purchased a motorhome that seemed almost ideal for our needs: a 29-foot 2005 Bigfoot 30MH29SL. On a rainy Saturday morning in mid-January, we drove to the previous owner’s house to take delivery. “I guess I didn’t fix that leak as well as I’d thought,” Mike said, pointing […]


After a month of RV shopping, Kim and I took a breather for the holidays. We continued to chat about the subject with friends and family, fishing for feedback on our our plans, but we only casually browsed Craigslist. We didn’t venture out to the used RV lots. After the new year, though, we got […]


Buying an RV: Finding Focus

by jdroth on 15 January 2015 · 0 comments

As Kim and I continued on our quest for a quality Class C RV under $40,000, we resorted to research. As with anything, the world of RVs can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of vocabulary and terminology to learn. There are a multitude of models and features. There are plenty of things to look at […]


Last summer, Kim and I hatched a plan to leave our lives here in Portland to traverse the U.S. and Canada by RV. After several months of research and contemplation, we’d reached a few conclusions: We’d spend six months to a year traveling backroads, visiting friends and family, exploring National Parks, and documenting our journey […]

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“I think we should buy an RV,” Kim announced one morning late last spring. “We spend a lot of money traveling around the world. If we had an RV, we’d spend less and we could explore our own country for once. I think it’d be fun to take six months or a year to see […]