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After driving home our new motorhome, Kim and I were sad (but unsurprised) to see that the leak in the roof was worse than we’d feared. After a quick weekend getting to know our Bigfoot 30MH29SL, we took the rig to Robert at Rose City RV. Although he initially said he’d need a couple of weeks for the repair, we were pleased to get the coach back just a couple of days later.

Best of all, when we stopped by to pick up the RV, Robert took the time to give us a tour of the major systems on the vehicle. Naturally, I documented this crash-course in RV living:

This is all great info, and now we know how to operate things in theory. (The real test will come during our maiden voyage over Valentines weekend.)

Back home, Kim and I got to work making our new motorhome actually feel like home. The previous owners had taken good care of the coach. Even so, we wanted to scrub it from top to bottom. It’s just a fact of life that RVs get dirty quickly. And since they’d often traveled with their cat, there was a layer of fur we wanted to remove. We rented a carpet cleaner, which we used to shampoo the rugs in our condo and our motorhome on the same weekend.

While we cleaned, we also began to think about organization. I measured all of the cupboards and compartments. We each made a trip to purchase storage bins so that we could keep clutter to a minimum.

As we worked, friends stopped by to chat. Our neighbors in the condo were eager to see the RV. While Kim put the kitchen in order, I began to catalog the Bigfoot’s vital stats. Here’s what I know so far:

2005 Bigfoot 30MH29SL
serial number 2GVM29S2X5S014693
CSA/RVIA number G1167206

Factory-installed appliances:
* electric air conditioner (Dometic 620515.321C)
* LPG furnace (Atwood 8531 IV #7631)
* gas generator (Onan KY-FA/26100)
* LPG/electric hot water tank (Atwood GHC6A-10E #96158)
* electric microwave (Dometic DOTR12CWIV)
* LPG range (Atwood sealed burner 57433)
* 2-way refrigerator (Dometic RM2652RB)

Electrical system: 120 volts, 60 hertz, 30 amperes
Plumbing system: pressure system tested at 690kPA (100psi)

GVWR – 14,050 pounds
Factory mass – 12,425 pounds
Minimum tire size and ply rating – LT225/75R16E
Recommended cold tire inflation pressure – 550kPA (80psi)

Some of this stuff may seem silly, but in reality all of this info is important when you plan to live full-time in your motorhome. I plan to perform weekly inspections and monthly maintenance on the rig while we’re on the road.

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