July 2015

After nine days of unplanned rest in Plankinton, South Dakota, Kim and I resumed our year-long RV trip around the United States. We drove slowly at first, unwilling to put too much stress on the motorhome’s new engine. With each passing hour, however, our confidence grew. By the end of the day, Bigfoot was humming […]


Last Wednesday, we woke early. We’d stayed up late (for us) laughing with Kim’s high school friends, and now faced a long day of travel. We said our good-byes, then left northwest Nebraska for the three hour drive back to Buffalo Gap National Grassland, where we’d left the RV parked alone on the edge of […]


One Night in Nebraska

by jdroth on 09 July 2015 · 2 comments

One of the best parts of this year-long road trip is reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen for years. Or decades. Kim, for instance, has been looking forward to reuniting with her friend Shelley. Shelley and Kim met during junior high. During high school, Shelley and her family were like a second home to Kim. […]


Who knew? South Dakota is filled with things to do. Kim and I have been surprised by how much fun we’ve had in the southwest corner of this state. Everyone knows about Mount Rushmore, of course. And sure, the mountain monument is impressive: Mount Rushmore would have been neater at the start of our trip. […]

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